Candace Parker salary

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Players like Candace Parker have managed to bring the Women’s Basketball League into the modern age along with the men’s after decades of limited funding, low to no salaries and decaying facilities. Although the gap is still large between the funding in men’s basketball leagues and the women’s there is still potential for this gap to close even more. Great games and high turnouts in the women’s league have started this revolution and if the momentum keeps up there is no saying just how far the sport will come. Just like any women’s sport that is just as popular as the men’s it will take time to get it above the level par.

As a rookie, Candace Parker was making up to 45k per year and even after the controversial fights between her and opposite team players Candace now makes anywhere between 750k to 1 million each year from salary, sponsorship and endorsements. For most marketing strategists the theory that sex sells is something that everyone can understand, men and women both included. The sexy part of basketball does not need to be in the women wearing next to nothing but in their ability to manipulate the ball and do things that men could not do. This is where the game will get its financial security from, advertising, sponsors and good quality marketing.

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